Aisles of wine

Can you have too much of a good thing?

This week I’m writing from the Southern USA as I do what Canadians do, chase a little sunshine and warmth. Continue reading


Why not plan for a lazy Sunday

Sure, jetting off on a trip is great but sometimes I just look forward to having a lazy Sunday morning at home. This time of year when the days get shorter, combined with cooler weather (and maybe even snow!) I occasionally like to cocoon. Continue reading

I need bread but I don’t knead bread

I’ve been making bread for years, there’s a real comfort that the smell of baking bread brings to a home. In my opinion nothing beats a slice of warm, fresh bread with a crisp crust and great chew. I’ve tried lots of ways of making bread, the traditional methods, using sour dough starters or fresh yeast and kneading, but lately I’ve settled on a technique which couldn’t be simpler. Continue reading