What’s in your basket – part 2

Nothing highlights the evils of the North American diet more than looking in people’s shopping carts. They are filled with boxed meals, microwave ready, highly processed foods…but there’s hope.

I tend to steer clear of the main stream grocery stores and head to the asian or ethnic food stores.

There are many large asian grocery stores opening in Toronto, catering to the city’s diverse ethnic mix. I shop there for a few reasons, the variety of fresh vegetables, large fresh seafood sections, their butchers and best of all, low prices.
These stores are frequented by people of Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean descent that are looking for foods that are familiar, they’ve obviously not yet adopted the North American need for convenience, instead, opting to use fresh ingredients.

Here are a few photos from my recent visit to two local Asian grocery stores.


No microwave meals here!


Nothing but fresh fruits, veggies and meat in this cart.


Fresh greens and fruits

And one final contrasting picture taken at Walmart, sliced apples…


…as my friend said after seeing sliced and individually wrapped apple pieces:

“what’s next? Are they going to chew them for you!?”



6 thoughts on “What’s in your basket – part 2

  1. Packaged sliced apples?!!! I’m surprised by the ever expanding array of washed, peeled, and sliced vegetables, including root vegetables. Now fruits too? How far away have we gone from the days of buying fresh produce and meat at the market based on consumption. Worst part I bet you those sliced apples “never” spoil!


  2. Some asian supermarkets and the amount of stuff people put in it, can be INSANE. I think you should do one on costco. It can scare people on the amount they either consume, hoard or actually feed others.


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