Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

Feature photo: Huffington Post
I like to keep it pretty simple in the kitchen. I have a few favourite utensils but I still like to peruse a kitchen store occassionally. Recently, I was in a store and stumbled across a few things that made me think, who needs these things?

To be honest, I do have a few kitchen items that are a luxury. I have a great stand mixer with a few accessories and a food processor but for the most part I try to have a multi-use rule for my kitchen purchases. If a gadget only has one use, I usually dismiss it, I just don’t have enough space for a lot of single use items.

Here are a few items I found humorous and puzzling.

banana slicer

Seriously, couldn’t you just use a knife? Who felt the need to invent a banana slicer?

This corn desilker would sit in my drawer all year with the exception of a couple weeks in August.

Because it's so hard to take the silk off a cob of corn.

Because it’s so hard to take the silk off a cob of corn.

How about this thing, do you think you’d really need a tool to break up ground beef in a frying pan? What happened to using a wooden spoon?

How can you fry ground beef without this?

How can you fry ground beef without this?

In an upcoming post I’ll go in an opposite direction and talk about some of the kitchen tools I couldn’t live without

I’d love to hear if you own a crazy kitchen gadget, tell me about it in the comments section.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

  1. I also try to minimize stocking my kitchen with crazy gadgets, but one I purchased was called a Lily pad. It’s a silicone cover in the shape if a lily pad that you use to cover a bowl in lieu of plastic wrap. It sticks on the bowl with suction and you press the top of the lily pad to release. Totally ridiculous but fun because its name is the same as my nickname. Although your pictures if a corn de-silker and banana cutter were quite funny!


    • You know…I have to admit…I have some of those silicone lids, not for bowls but for glasses. We use them outside in the summer over our glasses to keep things from falling in our wine (I guess you could drink other things too but why? :)) As silly and single use as they are, we find them quite useful. Thanks for checking in! 🙂


  2. Those gadgets are a pretty sad sight digitaldavies! Luckily I haven’t bought any ‘useless’ gadgets yet…but I remembered seeing this. It’s pretty rubbish… I think the question is not ‘how would we live without it’… but why do we need to make jumbo bottles of juice, fizzy drinks etc that we cannot pour/lift without mechanical aids?! Let’s stop inventing things to make people lazy and overweight!


  3. I have a rotato….you know, an electric potato-peeler. I use it all the time even though it seems so silly. I just really hate peeling potatoes! In my defense, I inherited it from my grama, who bought it because she had arthritis.

    I also have a banana holder, which also seems ridiculous and it sort of is, and this one is something I actually bought myself. But I often take a banana as a post-daycare snack for my kid, and we commute by TTC so having the banana holder is pretty useful…it gives me somewhere to put a half-eaten banana when she inevitably gets full halfway through while we’re on the streetcar.


    • The banana holders seem pretty legit…the “rotato” on the other hand…I want to be a part of the marketing department that has to come up with the names for those things 🙂
      Thanks for the contribution 🙂


  4. I’ve seen those holders for avocados (not sure if they have a fancy name?). They keep your avocado fresh (i.e. prevent the unfortunate darkening of the fruit) after you’ve cut it open. Ideal for those like me, who can never seem to finish the whole avocado in one sitting!


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