Taking the chill off

This time of year nothing’s cozier than a real wood fire.  There are a number of options for fireplaces from electric to gas or gel fuel but nothing beats the sound and smell that goes with a real wood burning fireplace.

indoor fireplaces are great but have you ever considered an outdoor fireplace? I recently completed a deck addition which incorporated a wood burning fireplace and it’s extended our cottage season by at least a month. There are a number of things to consider when putting in an outdoor fireplace. First thing that sets outdoor fireplaces apart from indoor ones is they are exposed to the elements so you want to make sure you have a stainless steel unit. You also want to consider whether you’re looking for heat or ambiance. If ambiance is key, you can have a larger opening and get the full effect of sound and smell.

Outdoor fireplaces are increasingly being designed into outdoor decks and here’s some inspiration from Houzz.com.

“An outdoor fireplace doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, you can get the same enjoyment out of a small chiminea or simple firepit circle of rocks.”

So grab a great bottle of red wine, a Hudson’s Bay blanket and enjoy the crisp Autumn weather around a roaring fire.


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