Suddenly, it’s Fall.

For many, Fall is a sad time of year, it’s hard to say goodbye to the warm weather and long days of Summer. It’s a time when I start thinking about moving the entertaining indoors, it means closing down the cottage and packing away the outdoor furniture. Fall is when I put away the barbeque and smoker and fire up the oven for some comfort food when the weather gets chilly.

This blog is about the simple pleasures in life. It’s about creating environments that are condusive to making memories with friends and family.

It also is about keeping it simple, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite foods, drinks, home design and ideas for slowing down and enjoying the moment. Life is what you make it so enjoy every minute of it.


One thought on “Suddenly, it’s Fall.

  1. Interesting perspective about fall being a sad time of year. I grew up on a farm and it is a time for opportunity – to plan for the year. “Life is good” on this blog, but it starts on a downer. 😉 But I love how you say “enjoy every minute of it.” It truly is what you make it. Looking forward to reading more.


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